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peek into my heart

these visual affirmations

were created to remind us of all that we are 


There's a past version of you looking at present you with so much pride.


There's also a future you with everything you're working towards just waiting for you to arrive. 

And then, of course, there's present you. Who is using the growth from the past for wisdom and visions from the future for guidance to elevate all versions of you. 


Many people walk around completely unaware of their magic. So how in the world could we expect them to see yours? 

Sit with your own reflection long enough to become familiar with, have empathy for, and fall deeply in love with your Self. 

Broken Mirrors will only ever show you a distorted view of reality. 

No More Broken Mirrors.png


I believe we come into this world naturally empathetic and loving beings. As we grow older life seems to harden us and we stray away from our natural ways. 

When you take on the journey to return to your loving and empathetic Self, it can be scary. Will I get hurt? Will people try to take advantage of me? Will I look stupid? 

Overcoming these thoughts and choosing to return to your Self is the work. Lean into your faith and trust that you are Protected, always, when you choose to be love.

feel like you need these in your space? 


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