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Victoria mendoza

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Giving my self my flowers

While I'm sure I come off as the "love and light" type, this has definitely not always been the case. I am finally able to acknowledge my whole Self, light and dark, and love all of her. I take great pride in my alchemy. I do not look or act like what I've been through. I have learned to transform my darkness and trauma into deep unconditional love for all, including my Self. I understand everyone has experienced this darkness to some capacity. It is through that shared experience that I've learned to practice empathy for all my brothers and sisters on their own journey. I am human, imperfect, inconsistent, and deeply flawed. I am growing more and more everyday and I am so proud of that.

I graduated from Rowan University, with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts with focuses in Business, Philosophy and Religion. I am a first generation American and the first in my family to graduate college. I started a youth development organization called Revolutionary Artists when I was 20 years old. I was able to identify a handful of incredibly dedicated educators who became dear friends of mine and together, we mentored in total close to 250 youth over the span of 4 years. We would develop curriculum and projects around topics we wish we were taught in middle school. Topics like REAL American history, how systematic racism affects us all, creative activism, using the arts for emotional release, meditation and breathwork for anxiety, etc. We went on to organize (and sell out) a youth art show with pretty much no budget and was able to teach them critical skills for monetizing their creative gifts. 

That journey taught me many things... First, you can learn something from anyone, regardless of age or background. Second, art has powerful to influence, teach, and heal. And finally, we are capable of actualizing absolutely anything, regardless of experience or financial resources. Having learned these truths made me dive deep into exploring what else I can do. Revolutionary Artists taught me the importance of remaining a lifelong student, staying curious and open in order to remain in constant growth. 

Today, I continue to diligently serve and honor the need for our collective healing. I do this by transmuting my truths along with other discoveries I've learned on my life journey and sharing them through my art, my presence and my words.

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