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sound is healing

How it works

Sound healing is an ancient practice that utilizes the power of frequencies to promote relaxation and holistic well-being. Crystal sound bowls have the unique ability to slow down brainwaves, inducing a state of deep relaxation and tranquility.


Beyond its calming effects, sound healing is associated with various health benefits, including pain management, reduced blood pressure, and a lowered risk of heart disease. When done with intention and focus, it can clear energetic blockages and balance specific chakras. However, the true beauty of sound healing lies in its ability to provide an escape from everyday stresses. It can lead you into an altered state of consciousness, where you may experience tingling sensations, vivid imagery, and a sense of weightlessness.


- Approach it with an open mind, without worrying about "doing it perfectly".

- Understand that your experience is unique and that falling asleep or having active thoughts during a session is perfectly normal. - Avoid consuming coffee or alcohol before a session and remember to stay hydrated afterward.

- Keep a journal close by to record vivid images, messages, or memories that come up. I always like to reflect on these afterwards.

If access to a formal sound healing session is limited, nature offers its own healing sounds. A serene riverside or a quiet park can provide a natural sound bath, with the gentle rustling of leaves, the soothing flow of water, and the melodies of birds, all working to calm your nervous system. 

Tips for beginners

interested in a sound bath experience? 

My sound baths are created individually for each session. My intention is always to radiate love through my sounds in hopes to quiet the mind, relax the body, and soothe the soul.  I believe in making the healing power of sound accessible to everyone, which is why I use a sliding scale with marginalized individuals, nonprofit groups, schools, and more. I don't list prices because I tailor my offerings to suit your unique needs.


Interested? Simply complete the inquiry form, and I'll be in touch. 

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